3 Months

Sometimes life goes on while we still are not living it. It’s like, doing lot of stuff, yet what we wanted to do is still missing in it.

Taking what we get to live is absolutely fun / adventure too, while doing it from a quite some time, for a change wanted to import few of my awaiting stuff in to my life.

On a positive note, while White Mousing Branding(digital marketing company) is one which is already happening, importing few other of my wish… Giving a try to live with most of my wanting for the coming 3 months and see how it works.
Primarily working on/importing:
– Daily prayer and bible study
– Video / Short film making
– Cutting down fat and body weight
– Spending quality time with family
– Cleaning up mind and heart, no images/profiles/past.
– Freeing up for low priorities, like social media addiction etc.

Though will not be updating (editing)day by day, but will share to what I can.
Feb 08 2017: First day, really a bad start. Day was been a bit disturbing and was just like the same old day. Will do a better tomorrow.
Feb 09 2017: Started with cutting down fat and body weight, through few herbal drinks(daily dose) and change in diet, though should be adding it with jogging/exercises/yoga


Ya it’s a BIG DAY not just the Beneficiary, but even to me joining to this wonderful event.
Before, read the event(album description) and check out photos at Saayam Cheddam Foundation (SCF)

We were supposed to have a team of 6 to perform, if such number hasn’t turned from SCF then we thought of hiring people(labor). To our luck neither of it worked and we were 3 in total (Harini, myself and our contact Mr. Nageshwara Rao). Adding to it even the land to clear was so hard compared to our previous visit(so the estimation of team 6 can even go short)

Leaving everything behind (can we pull the task in one day) we stepped in and just wanted to do the best and see till where it happens. Remember except Nageshwara Rao none of us are used to these things before and even he has lost touch in hard core hard work on field. Any how wasting no time we just stepped in the work directly.

It was an energetic start, hence we could clean off the ground in just 90 mins !!. We were thrilled and boosted up with such a fast momentum. But slowly we started to go down: As our hand were paining, first time handling such tools in cutting down weeds and few small cuts as almost every cutted down plant has thrones.
Here come a strange experience, after clearing the land and started to plow, I was experiencing a burning feeling from deep inside of my body.. took a break and sat for a 10 min. got back to work as everything got settled (took good amount of water). After an hour or so, was feeling this back again and this time with more intensity… was not even able to sit still. Luck that we got car, got it to it and chilled my inside fire with AC & some snacks we carried. Taking rest l understood that this is called going out of energy!!  and was feeling it bad, as we at just about half the work. Sensing the importance made up my mind and planed myself, one main thing in my mind was: I should be available fit in giving Nageshawara Rao proper breaks, as he’s the main person and should be overly tired and completely go out of his energy.

Should say it’s God’s grace that, at this time of our energy going down a bit, few home kids and a lady started to join us in sharing few works and sky started to cover with clouds and give us shade.
Kinds absolutely brought us Enthu and climate encouraging to work longer with out draining our energy quickly.

We were back to all our energy after the lunch
We took break for lunch and gone to a restaurant(Village Kitchen) near by on the highway. Food was good and it’s ambiance and our rest recharged us back.
Everything was falling in place and none of were restless then after, nor I was out of energy experience then after again.

Having our focus on the task, we have not even focused that it had turned evening and of what so ever, very happy that we have completed the agenda in a day with limited resources and low man power.
Whole home got together and enjoyed the last bit of work: Planting the 4 baby plants (Lemon, Guava, Pomegranate & Curry Leaves) in front of the home and fencing it.


Learning / experiences of the Big day:
– Inspiring attitude of Mrs. Nageswara Rao, who was no where irritated at any second though he was called(phone) for many number of times from his house on various issues. Nor he or made the activity rushed, but did it as it’s planned. He took more than half the work today on him and done it with love. And made it look very simple. Lot to learn from such great personality.
– It was a different experience, or should be saying a real feeling working with real things: Land and plants. Just marvelous.
– Strange fact, out of energy experience made to realize that I am loosing my fitness. I should be looking ahead to gain my lost stamina. (Was laughing at myself after seeing pics, look at how I am looking…. gained lot of weight)
– When we are strong on something and specially when it’s for good, God helps.
(delivers support / strengthen ourselves)

Thank you BIG DAY for wonderful experiences.